AXI Ep.V 02.06 (THE GAME / CHACHI GONZALES / MAX THE DOG ) Director: @ShawnWellingAX

Jan 9th;

updates and important things

Hiiii everyone, hope your morning/evening/day is going well! I just want to clear up a couple of things as well as answer some questions real quick about Chachi’s merchandise. I know things have gotten a little confusing with chachimomma, chachipants, and Dotheads so hopefully this helps a couple of you out for future references.

Starting off with chachimomma: As many of you know chachimommas were Chachi’s first official line of apparel. While she no longer has affiliation with the company anymore, her Mom does. is the ONLY official site for original sweats, handmade and shipped out by the Gonzales family. Please do not order sweats from anywhere other than if you’re looking into buying a pair. No amazon, no ebay stores, no other websites that may claim they are selling pants.

chachipants: Some of you may be getting emails from this company, or have liked and followed them on social media sites. If this is the case, please please unsubscribe from emails and unfollow everything. For your safety do not place orders from or any sites they refer you to in their emails about new designs, products, etc. This company is not official and is selling and making profit of pants without consent to do so. There have been issues with people’s cards being charged and no pants being received as well as many others. While the "new" pants and designs may interest some of you, they aren’t real chachimomma pants. Here is the link to unsubscribe to any emails you may be getting, please confirm your email to manage your preferences as soon as possible.

Last but not least, here’s everything you need to know about Chachi’s new line Dotheads. Preorders are currently available on for select shirts, sweatpants and snapbacks.  Merchandise is limited at the moment but the FULL webstore is expected to launch next month. Chachi and Dominique will be holding contests and giveaways for some cool free stuff as well as having live streams to take live orders by Chachi herself with every thousand likes they get on their Facebook page. Dotheads by Chachi is the only official apparel by Chachi Gonzales. If it doesn’t say Dotheads it isn’t by Chachi.

Jan 8th;


Jan 7th;
Jan 3rd;

Hi guysss. If you haven’t submitted a letter/message for Chachi and are planning to, today’s the last day to get them in to us. All the information can be found here. Big thank you to everyone who has participated so far :)

Dec 31st;

Birthday Project 2014


Okay guys so I’ve decided not to do the fan video just because I don’t have enough time to get everything together but I don’t want to leave you guys hanging. I want to put something that involves all of our followers together to be sent to Chachi. I don’t know how many of you guys followed us back in 2011, but if you’re a new fan/follower, we sent her a book full of birthday messages  (x) and I’m going to be doing something similar this year. She will be getting everything personally so if you send something in she’ll see it. Promise!

How to get involved:
If you’d like your message to be included, have it submitted no later than Wednesday, January 1st to our submit box. (

There isn’t a word limit as of right now, so make it as long or a short as you’d like. These messages are for her birthday so make sure to include a “Happy Birthday” with what you’re sending in.

Feel free to screenshot this post and spread it on twitter/instagram if any of guys would like. The more fans that are involved and send in messages for Chachi the better :)

And yeah. I think that covers everything! I don’t want to post what’s being done just yet cause I know she checks up on Tumblr from time to time, but when everything’s finished and sent I’ll make a post. You guys can start submitting as soon as this is posted up until the date listed above. Nothing will be published and will only be read us and Chachi.

Dec 20th;