Enough Said - Ian Eastwood

"I wanted to have a really strong message. And I want this message to go out to all the aspiring choreographers and artists who face conflict with people who try to degrade your art - and my advice to you is really cheesy but also really true—- by saying nothing and continuing to progress wins you the battle, the war, and anything else that may come along - so when something irritated me recently I said nothing and went straight to creating this. So…thank you for the inspiration.

I choreographed to this song because even though I was irritated —-it was just irritation and nothing more—- and I feel like what Drake is doing in this song is just venting to Aaliyah. Even though what Drake is saying is very aggressive the flow of her voice and the beat is calming and soothing-almost as an ear to listen to drakes troubles. The ending where I let the beat ride and I just listen-is me listening to Aaliyah (or anyone in my life) that is there to calm me down and let me know they are there for me and will be there to guide me through my irritation.

thank you guys for watching and reading if you read all that-lol- and I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did creating it and sharing it with you all—-i pour my heart into everything i release and i hope you all know how much your support truly means to me.

This video takes place at my dad’s work—-he now works the late shift in downtown Chicago as a trader—-my favorite days as a kid were always going to work with DAD :)—-so i took some inspiration from real life when I went with my dad to work on my last visit and as I was reading through some social media hate-It inspired me to choreograph in the abundant amount of space there is in the office as it was probably 12am—- and that real life experience inspired me to use that concept in this video.”


Jan 10th;
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