Chachi will be teaching in Virginia Beach on August 17th and 18th!

Chachi will be teaching along with Moon for the “Brain-Bangin’ Dance Intensive” classes. There will be a meet and greet along with two classes taught on both days. Other choreographers include Zoey Cruz, Gary Beauford, Arianalynn Zari, Colin Kauflin and Guerilla Will. Classes are $75 each day or $125 for the full weekend. You can buy your tickets here!

Jul 5th;

This is what we do in Practice! “Chachi lawn mower” 

Dec 1st;
the chachi abc’s → america’s best dance crew

First off, this is just the beginning of IaMmE's journey and if we were blessed enough to become champions, then we'd be able to share our art with the rest of the world. And even though we have different ethnicity's and cultures, we look past that and come together as a unit and push through hard times and injuries to dance our hearts out on the stage.

Oct 27th;

Chachi and Moon’s dance starts at 2:05 :) 

Jul 16th;